Darren takes behavioural science and decades of business experience and combines them to help you get results.

Take a look at Darren’s keynote topics below to see what might suit your conference best*.

*Often Darren can do a ‘mash up’ of certain topics to suit the event. That can all be discussed in the brief.

Better Human Blueprint - how better people make better businesses

Better people make better leaders and better people make better businesses. By focusing on being a better human, we live a better life. Fact.

After decades of deep focus on professional development the tide is changing. Thankfully, personal development is now a significant focus for purpose-driven businesses. A focus on building technical skills and specific expertise, while valuable in the short term, can be corrosive to overall performance and culture unless balanced against building human skills such as character, kindness and gratitude. 

The Better Human Blueprint is a deeply thought provoking yet highly entertaining science-based exploration around unleashing the greatest force of nature the world has ever seen; human nature.

In this keynote we’ll explore;

  • why developing potential is as important as focusing on performance
  • the damage a toxic technical expert can have on a team
  • the crucial practice of auditing beliefs and how it unlocks growth
  • how to build resilience by changing your relationship with discomfort
The Edge Effect - thriving in an unrelenting change environment

Why do some achieve enormous success in the same environment where others flounder?

As old as life itself, the battle to thrive within change is governed by specific principles, now uncovered by science, that help us navigate change in a much more confident way. If there is one constant in our lives it is change. In fact, Robert Gallagher once said ‘change is inevitable except from a vending machine’.

The Edge Effect helps us take a new look at change, the uncertainty that comes with it, and ultimately how we can succeed. A perfect keynote in a world of heightened and uncertain change.

In this keynote we explore;

  • Key focus areas required in an heightened change environment
  • Explore the successful traits of highly evolved businesses
  • Discover how naturally occurring patterns in nature give us skills for thriving in uncertain times
  • The key mindsets and beliefs to be successful throughout change
Moments that Matter - how little efforts can drive huge change

Occasionally there are critical times within your business where the next decisions can reshape the history of how things are done, and in many ways, make or break your business.

If your business is on the cusp of radical, critical and impactful transformation, if the next months are the really critical months,  Darren’s Moments That Matter keynote is a perfect accompaniment to your transformational change event.

Taking the current neuroscience around how moments are formed, Darren unpacks how leaders and business owners can create and plan for moments that will carry weight inside their business for years to come.

Find out how to:

  • engineer extraordinary moments for your customers and employees
  • harness the power of deep engagement and ownership
  • use emotion as a strategic tool to get better results
  • build momentum within change via critical moments
High Performing Hybrid - the new rules for the future of work

COVID-19 fundamentally shifted the world of work for knowledge-based workers forever.

A paradigm of co-located office-bound work practice 100 years in the making has been challenged, and ultimately replaced by a dominant new way of work: Hybrid.

But a few years into the experiment; we’re seeing both upside and downside of Hybrid work on organisations and people. So it serves us to take a deep dive into the practices and research of what makes an outstanding Hybrid Team. 

As a co-author of the first business book published post-pandemic by international powerhouse Wiley, (Work from Anywhere - the essential guide to becoming a world-class hybrid team) Darren is an internationally respected voice on the topic of Hybrid work.

In this keynote we explore;

  • The case for Hybrid and it’s shadow side
  • The core beliefs and behaviours used by the best Hybrid Teams
  • How to connect people in hybrid and prevent disconnection
  • Managing energy and workload via Hybrid
The Science of Ownership

'Treat it like you own it!' It's the holy grail in most workplaces, isn't it? Deep ownership where employees at all levels treat their work like they owned the business. So how do we achieve deep levels of ownership in our people?

Well, science has plenty of answers, and unsurprisingly money isn't one of them. In this keynote we lift the lid on motivation drivers and factors that influence ownership. A must-attend session for leaders wanting to take their culture to another level.

Find out how;

  • the construct of ownership is formed…and how it is taken away quickly
  • some common work practices can hinder or help ownership
  • simple, low cost strategies can radically improve ownership in your people