Human beings constantly live inside our own conundrum:
• Time is the single-most valuable thing we have, yet we waste it everyday.

• We fight and expend energy on things that are outside our control.

• We’re the smartest creature to ever walk the earth, yet we do monumentally stupid things.

All these perplexing paradoxes make me think (overthink far too often) about why we do what we do; but then what we can do about it.

This page is a walkthrough of my latest thinking; work with clients and also random collections such as short videos, spoken word pieces and written blog posts. In short, it’s a random as my thinking at times.

Character and Custodianship

Ambition and Achievement are powerful tools...but they need to be governed...

What if this was the start?

You get one shot. Don't waste it.

Building better relationships

How an exercise in minimalism changed the way I think about relationships...

Encouraging Ownership

Curious about how to practically have people 'treat it like they own it?'. This video takes you through some methods to build a culture of ownership.

Resignation or Realisation?

2+ years of autonomy has reshaped employee expectations forever. How are you set up to retain talent?

One precious life

To talk about death is to have a conversation about living in disguise...

Priming the crowd

I'm always obsessed about the audience experience. I tried to pull together music, poetry and visuals for a 2 min killer intro...

Stars to guide us

As we continue to face uncertain times a question remains. Who do we turn to? A poem to make sense...

Strutting. Kinda.

I was well overdue for a photoshoot. My miracle worker was Kate Holmes. Shot at the Farm at Byron and a bunch of other places in the area...