July 10, 2023

It's not everyday you walk onto stage in front of a standing-room-only audience they have to bring extra chairs into the room for you...

Ok, ok. Maybe it wasn't for me.

I'm considered enough to know that it might've been someone else...like a Olympic Gold Medallist perhaps?, The power and passion of Brooke Hanson might've had something to do it. Brooke is an Olympic Gold Medalist, OAM and generally a freakin' force of nature, who also was the conference MC and ambassador for AustSwim. And when Brooke raises the bar...well, you better jump over it!*

The room were a super-energetic bunch and 'soaked up' the presentation I opened their conference with.

The premise of the session centred around 'How do we serve others better?'

Well, first, by ensuring we're getting our own house in order.

The Better Human Blueprint was the presentation where we looked at;

- our prevailing mindsets,

- the energy we bring to a space,

- the labels we place on ourselves and lastly,

- how we create moments for others.

All wrapped with a few fun stories, some behavioural science and...I finished this presentation with a spoken word piece...and had a tonne of people come up afterwards saying how much it struck a chord with them.

Gee, some days are more special than others. This was one.

*I completely understand I mixed the metaphor of pool swimming and tack and field. Doh. Should've used 'chucked in the deep end' or something like that....