How the heck does a country boy who lives on the Gold Coast become a trusted advisor for PepsiCo, Suncorp, Siemens, McDonalds and many more?

By delivering a whole heap o' awesome; that's how.


With a client book of Fortune 500 and ASX Top-20 companies, Darren Hill is one of Australia's most in-demand strategists whose culture change programs have been used in PepsiCo, Suncorp, McDonalds and Siemens to name a few. Darren's a best-selling author whose work has appeared regularly across the Fairfax Group (including the SMH & The Age), News Limited (The Daily Tele & Courier Mail), BRW, Business Insider and Smart Company. He's appeared on The Today Show, Sky Business News and as yet hasn't been chased by ACA or Today Tonight down the street. 

A behavioural scientist, and Exec Director at Pragmatic Thinking Darren understands people like few others do. It's this intricate knowledge of people and culture that sees him delivering kick-arse keynote presentations at conferences through to designing, delivering and implementing complex, cross-layered multi-year culture change programs inside organisations.

An author of three books including the best seller “Dealing with the Tough Stuff: How to achieve results from key conversations" which has now been translated into 3 different languages, his clients consistently describe him as grounded and refreshingly real – something that’s reflected by his ongoing re-engagment rate with clients nearing 100%. If you want to start a real shift in behaviour - at your event, or in your culture - give Darren Hill a call.

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