Let's be blunt. You don't become a behavioural scientist for shits n' giggles. People can be baffling, intriguing and downright weird sometimes. But behind all this is a little bit of magic.  


It (behaviour) becomes even more fascinating in groups.

And the groups that are super-exciting to study? Businesses, their customers and the culture. That's what lights me up. Families and the home environment? Puh-leese, I'll leave that to Dr Phil. He seems to have that covered; he also has an impressive moustache. I could never grow one that well.

But back to me. It's my page, not some dude from Texas.

Over the past decade I've worked extensively with organisations and businesses (both big and small) to better understand how people behave and what influence you can have over it. It's seriously the best job in the world - for me.

So what drives me? Understanding people, and helping them.

I can make a difference to the difference-makers

To that special group of people who want to;

  • build a culture that becomes famous,
  • redefine how pleasurable, inspiring and fulfilling work can be,
  • create beautiful art inside your business, and
  • leave an indelible legacy through your leadership...

Well, you had me at hello. If you're one of those difference-makers give me a call. It's my shout for a coffee.



If butchers paper and another round of artificial bonding games leave you cold you should think about talking to Darren and the team at Pragmatic Thinking. Darren has been a partner in building our team from the ground up. His gift is to help people discover their values and strengths and to match these to their work. He does it plainly but without dumbing things down, engagingly but without gimmicks and has become the invisible but always silently present member of our team.”
— Senior Director - Australian Dept of Environment