Books I’m reading at the moment...

Hope life finds you well and you’re absolutely flying as you head into the last quarter of the year, and by flying I mean first-class hob-knobbing rather than budget airline, cramped legroom waiting-in-queues-for-hours-type-of-flying.

Just thought I’d let you know what’s on my bookshelf at the moment —given we have the smartest newsletter list on the planet— you’re probably a lot like me and always looking for the next book (or three) to read.

Well here they be;

Triggers by Marshall Goldsmith 

Goldsmith is an absolute legend, being arguably the best Executive Coach to have walked the planet. In this book he looks into habit formation. Goldsmith refers to some of his own research throughout and has a lot of references to work with previous clients that are really interesting.

If you’ve read The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg then you’ll love this. It’s in Goldsmith’s style. Economy of words, homespun truths and in short, a very good read. A nice book to set up your new years goals and directions.

Rising Strong by Brene Brown

OK, so I’ll put it out there straight up, I bloody love Brene Brown. I saw her speak a couple of years ago in Sydney (after years of waiting) and I still think she’s the best keynote speaker I’ve seen. Beyond her her ability to tell stories on stage, her pursuit to bring vulnerability, shame and adversity into the global conversation in tremendously inspiring.

In Rising Strong she challenges us to welcome the heroes journey, but more importantly, embrace the pit of despair, because that’s where true growth and wholeheartedness lies. Her best book yet IMNSHO (in my not so humble opinion) 

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

OK, I’ll come clean, I’ve only just read the first bit. And I didn’t really even want to.

Alison came running into the room last week, book in hand going

‘Oh. My. God.’



Yep, Ali was very excited...y’know spittle coming from her lips type of excited. The type of excited she gets when Gerard Butler or Ryan Gosling have a new movie coming out. Go figure. ‘You’ve gotta read this!’ she said, throwing the book at me.

I looked at it, seen the author as Elizabeth Gilbert and thought. Oh. My. God. 

Not the good OMG however. ‘Twas more like, oh-my-god-shoot-me-please type of OMG. 

Y’see I read Eat, Pray, Love a few years ago to see what the fuss was. Let’s just say I was less than impressed. It just stunk of 300 pages worth of first-world-problems to me.

Anyways, after expressing a few concerns to Alison (like losing a few hours of my life I’d never get back by reading another Gilbert book) I did assure her I’d read it, even though in my mind I figured I would read the first bit and ditch it.

Well I read the first chapter, well....crikey. There’s only one way to put this, and I should warn you for your own good. It’s absolutely freakin’ AMAZING. Seriously. Its incredible. It’s all about bringing your inner creative out to the world and it is so beautifully written it was taking my breath away. #notjoking #notevenalittlebit

Her call to action and word mastery is brilliant. A must read.

So anyways, there’s a couple of reads that can sustain you through the latter part of the year, and any of them will serve you as holiday reads too. Love to know if you've bee reading any good books lately. Please let us know if you have...