Ever really thought about what might be your kryptonite?

It’s impossible.

And it doesn’t make sense.

Y’see I’ve got a good thing going on. Excuse the not-so-humblebrag, but I’m in demand as a consultant to some of the biggest companies on the planet, I’ve got a cracking-good relationship with my wife and I’m the proud dad of two kids who are a pair of little rip-snorters. They're terrific. Life’s bloody great.

But do you think I can tie a decent ponytail in my 5 year old daughter’s hair? It’s like my own personal kryptonite. How does that hair, on that little head become so unruly and hard to tame...seemingly beyond this mere mortal’s skill set? 

But then Alison swoops in —judgement in both her eyes and actions— and with blinding ninja-like skills, undoes all my poor work and refashions the birdsnest I created into a hair-in-all-the-right-places masterpiece. She revels in it too... #thatknowinglook #smug

Sometimes, there’s stuff that we’re just awful at. Admit it. You can’t be good at everything. No doubt some more time and effort in this particular area will get you results.

This stuff, although seemingly hard at the time, is actually much easier to do something about. Because you recognise it. You know your crap at it, so you can get to work on changing it.

But what about the real kryptonite? The stuff that makes life awful, hard and tedious. The things that can cause you deep seated pain, but mostly just exist as anxiety that just gnaws away at your gut. Yet you can’t quite describe it, much less put your finger on it. 

‘Cos that’s the tough stuff. 

We’ve all got a roadblock we’re yet to navigate around.

We’ve all got a worldview that it’s damn-near impossible to see through.

We’ve all got something that holds us back from being absolutely phenomenal – the very best we can be.

My little Katie’s hair; I’ll tackle that challenge. Whilst it seems a bridge too far, I know with some work I’ll sort it out. The other, real kryptonite? That’s an altogether bigger and scarier beast to tame. It’s a universal truth for all of us: if you want real, meaningful personal growth – then you’ve gotta face the hard things you’ve been ignoring.

Ever really thought about what might be your kryptonite?