Have you got your grit together?

So it’s mid-year time. We’re cresting the hump. 

But how are you travelling? Are your ripping into the work ahead of you, or feel like you are going to limp to the line, tank almost spent already? 

Do you have the grit to see you through? 

In the past, grit was seen an indefinable quality. Some had it and some didn’t. We know now, that’s simply not true. Having grit can be worked upon like any skill. 

But rather than me tell you about it at a surface level, why not hear from one of the best in the world talk about it with some depth?

Our next Think Tank on the 10th of August at Bond University features Dr Adam Fraser talking about grit; what it is, how to get it, and how to keep it. Thanks to Bond Uni, it’s free to attend. How good is that?

So get in a car, jump on a plane…do what you need to do to get there...just make sure you get in fast as these tickets are going to go quick click here to register.

Maybe your first step in getting ‘gritty’ is just to make it happen, eh?