The secret to ALL success

Not that we ever lost it. But I’ve found it!

Not my wallet, not my car keys, but I found something much, much bigger.

The secret to ALL success. And it’s really simple.

Everyone has good intent right?* We’d like to be healthier, more attentive in our relationships, more productive in our work or even find financial freedom. Our intent - our dreams, hopes and visions - are generally awesome.

Yet we are flawed. It’s a human thing. We conjure great intent but don’t necessarily execute on great behaviour. 

Eureka! There 'tis.** The secret to all success is this.

Success is when you turn your great intent into great behaviour. 

It’s that simple, and it applies to every area of life.

  • Someone who is super fit - well they exercise hard and often and eat clean foods with little to no refined sugar in their diet.
  • Someone who is financially free - well they stick to a budget, research trends across fields,and actively invest their money. 
  • Someone who has a dynamic career - well they continue to educate themselves, do the extra hours and go beyond their job description.

You find me a successful person, team or organisation and I will show you how they’ve mapped great intent into great behaviour. Conversely, if your organisation or team is not hitting the heights they should be, then they are likely to be thinking good thoughts, but not executing on the behaviours required.

Consistent behaviours are they key to all success, in any setting. Full-stop.

P.s. In another post I will talk about what gets in between our good intent and good behaviours, and what you can do to reduce these blockages.

*Unless you’re Hannibal Lecter, Montgomery Burns or that freaky looking kid from the movie Children of the Corn. They are all just plain evil.

** Actually I just found those car keys....phew! I’d been looking for them for ages.