Stop wasting your time on customer engagement

OK, time to start this post with a rant.

Too many organisations and businesses are spending ridiculous amounts of money on trying to achieve customer engagement, improve customer service and strengthen stakeholder/client relationships yet they may as well not bother; it’s wasted money unless we first start with a truth.

Customer engagement starts with staff engagement. It’s as simple as that.

If you are in a service-related industry (and current labour stats show over 80% of you are) the relationship with your customer or client is critical to your success. But it isn’t your product that builds the relationship, it’s the human being that offers it.

Here’s another truth for you to consider.

Every business is a human business. People buy people.

And before you show me your strategy, your systems or your KPI’s around customer service strategies, let me leave you with one last truth.

Attitude trumps policy every single time. Our behaviours are language, and the way you engage your staff will speak louder and more accurately than anything you put on paper...

Focus on engaging your people and watch how it changes the relationship with your customers. Now that’s money well spent.

End of rant.