Big Questions; Bigger Answers

Next time you sit down with your team, instead of telling them stuff*, you could try asking them some important questions.

What do we stand for?

What do we celebrate well?

Do we know our biggest weakness?

What’s the one thing we’re famous for?

Does our team mostly focus on problems or solutions?

How do we appreciate each others’ talents?

How do we recharge as a team?

What’s the most important lesson we’ve learned in the past year?

Who are we trying to please?

How do we act when we’re stressed and overloaded?

How open to criticism are we willing to be?

Do we, as a team, follow the rules or bend them?

What does busy look like in our team?

Is it more important to add new customers or increase our interactions with existing ones?

How does our team make the world a better place?

There’s plenty more great questions to ask your team...but this is a good start.**

* Hint: if all you do is ‘tell’ then all that is important just becomes stuff anyway. Just sayin’...

** Hint#2: Always have your first order of business at your team get togethers with a question rather than a ‘tell‘ statement. You’ll be stoked to see them actually sit up and get involved rather than watch their eyes glaze over...